Project Dashboards

Our proprietary Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management Software is the project governance toolkit that is applied to all project offerings.  Built around the project management framework set out in the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th Edition, we have developed a comprehensive set of reporting dashboards that have proven to be the “Best in its Class” by all of our clients.

The dashboards are architected within the framework of KPI’s and easy to understand Portfolio, Program and Project Performance.

All the dashboards are integrated into MS SharePoint, Oracle ETL, Hosted Platforms, any intranet or portal applications. Our dashboards are not a duplication of current dashboards residing within many of the software application but rather a quick bespoke dashboard.

We are the creators of QPID’s (Quick Project Initiation Dashboards) – 2 hours to Market Dashboard Solution. Evidently, our dashboards are the best of the breed and make for simple Portfolio, Program and Project analysis. The dashboards have the capability to be integrated through point-to-point or Bio-directional data collection and display.

Our experiences within the integration domain for dash boarding displays are depicted below:

  • SAP

  • Prism G2

  • Oracle

  • Oracle ETL and BI Layer

  • Prima Vera P6

  • Microsoft Project 2013 

  • Microsoft Project 2016

  • MES

  • Excel

  • SQL

  • MS EPM

  • SharePoint

  • Project On Line

  • Palisade Risk


The complexity of the thousands of critical factors the system monitors on a daily basis is better understood by the simplicity of its visual display. 


Of crucial importance is the display of warning signals, meaning that something has been detected that will have an impact on the overall critical path. By mining down into the detected problem and proposing a solution, the system will automatically model the overall effects of the corrective action on elements such as cost and timing. Once accepted, it will then automatically calculate "Next Steps" throughout the entire remaining project schedule.


The reporting dashboard follows a simple 'Traffic Light' display developed in "Shapes and Colors", to aid color-blind project participants. All the above development applications are compatible with any data base structure and can be integrated into portal.


Executive Program Dashboards