Program Management Professional

Program Management Professional (PgMP)® 

Program Duration:        5 Days
Cost:                             Available on request
Program Material:        Program Manual and the Standard for Program Management Second Edition
PMI® (Code: PM039B)
(PDU's) Code:               35

Course Overview

The Program is based on the PMI® standard for Program Management - Fourth Edition certification program launching on the 25 June 2018.

This Program Management course focuses on core disciplines required to deliver strategic objectives. It includes an overview of the entire life-cycle of a program while facing the types of realistic challenges that are encountered in any program. This course will provide the tools and techniques for:

  • Program governance

  • Program planning

  • Effectively managing stakeholders

  • Ensuring that your program realizes its benefits and defined objectives

This course is designed to achieve the Project Management Professional (PgMP®) certification. 

Course Content

Application and eligibility requirements, as well as defining program management and related concepts:

  • What are programs, portfolios and projects?

  • Relating programs, portfolios and projects

  • Program  life-cycle Management

  • ​The role of the Program Manager​

  • The role of the Program Sponsor

  • The role of the Program Management Office

  • Program Management Performance Domains

  • Program Strategy Alignment

  • Program Benefits Management

  • Program Stakeholder Engagement

  • Program Governance

  • Program Governance roles

  • Conducting pre-program preparation

  • Business Value

  • Program Activities

  • Initiating the program

  • Setting up the program

  • Delivering program benefits

  • Closing the program

  • The program manager’s role in delivering programs

Learning Outcomes

  • How to align your program management experience with PgMP® terminology

  • What a program is and how it differs from portfolios and projects

  • How to identify and sequence projects to help estimate, schedule and optimize resources

  • How to set up communication, collaboration and reporting structures

  • How to align program objectives with those of the organization

  • Program Financial Management​

  • Identify a program financial plan

  • Control program financials

  • Managing program benefits

Target Group

​Program Managers or Project Managers working with multiple projects

Program Management Life-Cycle

  • Program governance and the program management office

  • Program management processes

  • The stages of program management

  • Monitoring and controlling program changes

Program reporting

  • Identify and analyse program risk

  • Effective program reporting

  • Program stakeholder management

  • Effective program auditing

Program planning

  • The program management plan

  • Define program goals and requirements

  • Developing a program schedule

  • Monitor and control program status

Controlling the Program

  • Monitoring and measuring performance

  • Analyzing variances in costs, schedule, quality and risks

  • Identifying potential corrective actions

  • Managing and adapting to change

  • Addressing program level issues and risks

 Project and Program Facilitation

  • Program Time Management

  • Program Cost Management

  • Program Quality Management

  • Program Human Resource Management

Closing the Program

  • ​Managing program completion

  • Conducting the stakeholder post-review meeting

  • Completing component projects

  • Closing and archiving projects

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