Portfolio Management Professional

Portfolio Management  Professional (PfMP)® 

Program Duration: 5 Days
Cost: Available On Request
Program Material: Program Manual and the Standard for Portfolio Management Second Edition
PMI®  (PDU's): 35
Course Overview:
PMI’s Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® credential recognizes the advanced experience and skill of portfolio managers. The (PfMP)® demonstrates the proven ability in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve organizational objectives. PfMP® credential holders are responsible for the execution of the portfolio management process, communication around portfolio progress, and recommendations for action.
Where project and program managers are responsible for “doing work right”, this is an ideal credential if you are responsible for ensuring your organization is “doing the right work”.
Course Content:

  • PMI® Lexicon of Portfolio, Program and Project Management Terms.

  • Portfolio Management Overview.

  • What is Portfolio Management?

  • Relationship between Portfolio and Strategy.

  • Identify Principles of Strategic Planning and Establishment of Goals and Objectives.

  • Utilizing the “Games Foxes Play” Strategy Model.

  • Introduction to Strategy Facilitation Techniques.

  • Portfolio Risk Analysis Techniques.

  • Managing Risk in a Portfolio.

  • Diversification in a Portfolio - Covariance and Correlation.

  • Reducing Risk in a Portfolio.

  • CIFTER Ratings.

  • Understanding the OBENG Complexity Mapping.

  • Define and Describe Business Case Components and Key Financial Formulas.

  • Portfolio Scenario Planning and Simulations.

  • Understanding of Pre-selection and MAUT (Multiple Attribute Utility Theory).

  • Relationship of Project Program and Portfolio.

  • Role of Portfolio Manager.

  • Portfolio Management Reporting and Metrics.

  • Portfolio Management Process.

  • Techniques for Creating a Balanced and Optimized Project-Portfolio Mix.

  • Techniques Utilizing Multi-criteria Scoring Models.

  • Strategy and Investment Overview.

  • Portfolio Corporate Management Life Cycle.

  • Portfolio Management Process Cycle.

  • Establishing Portfolio Management Process.

  • Portfolio Stakeholders Roles and Responsibility.

  • Portfolio Management Groups and Alignment.

  • Portfolio Performance and Communications Management.

  • The Role of the PMO in Validating Project-Portfolio Performance.

  • Portfolio Dashboards and Portfolio Intelligence.

  • Portfolio Management Software Solutions.

  • Show how to Create a Balanced Project-Portfolio by Using Real Spreadsheets Based on Figures from The Standard for Portfolio Management, Third Edition.

  • Optimizing the Project-Portfolio Mix.

  • Active vs Passive Fund Management.

  • People and Politics.

  • Portfolio Management and the Maturity Index.

  • Requirement for the PfMP® Accreditation.

  • Requirements for PfMP® Examination.

Target Group:
A Portfolio Manager looking to:
  • Demonstrate a proven ability to manage and align a portfolio of projects and programs to realize organizational strategy and objectives.
  • Increase your visibility and value within your organization.
  • Separate yourself in the eyes of employers.
Learning Outcomes:


​By participating in this course, learners will be able to:

  • Provide the grounding to align program and projects to business strategy.

  • Select projects that provide the highest return on investment.

  • Identify and analyse portfolio risks.

  • Monitor business strategy changes against the portfolio.

  • Interfacing operations and programs.

  • Get it right by identifying problems early.

  • Getting to know the PMI® “The Standard for Portfolio Management, Third Edition” – Course material.

  • Getting examination ready for the PMI® PfMP® accreditation.