Facilitation Course

Facilitation and Collaboration Skills for Project Managers Course

Program Duration: 5 Days
Cost: Available On Request 
Program Material: Course Presentation Slides
PMI®: 35
Course Overview:

In the Effective Facilitation skills course, participants will learn the four essential elements of facilitation:

  • Characteristics of an effective facilitator

  • Role of the workshop facilitator

  • Role of the workshop participants

  • Facilitation process

  • Results orientated facilitation

The course also covers the essential components of:

  • Workshop objective determination

  • Setting the workshop scene

  • Handling difficult individual and group

  • Gaining group consensus

  • Winning the team over

  • Handling the difficult team

Target Group:
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
Course Objectives:
  • Understand facilitation and its appropriate application
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective facilitator
  • Understand the role of the facilitator in a facilitated environment
  • Understand the role of the team in a facilitated environment
  • Apply facilitation tools appropriately
  • Apply the facilitation process
  • Practical application of the various facilitation tools and techniques
Course Content:
This course is focused on workshop facilitation that takes the delegate through the entire facilitation process from facilitation preparation and the facilitation day. It is suitable for all levels of managers and executives who want to master the workshop type facilitation skills listed below:


  • Formative Assessment

  • An Introduction to Facilitation

  • Facilitation Defined

  • The Essence of a Facilitator

    • The Neutral Approach

    •  The 3rd Party Role

    •  Non-Bias Staging

  • Facilitation as a Core Competency

  • What Facilitation is not

  • What Facilitation is

  • Controlling VS Facilitating

  • Situational Facilitation

  • Results of Facilitation

  • Requirements for Successful Facilitation

  • Setting the Objectives

    • Prioritization of Workshop

    •  Content and Outcomes

    •  Nominal Objective

    •  Scenario Setting Approach

  • Interpersonal Content or Process

  • Profile of a Facilitator

  • Tasks of a Facilitator

  • Common Errors Facilitators Make

  • Building Group and Individual Commitment and Synergy

  • What Makes a Team Successful?

  • Building Commitment and Synergy

  • Summative Assessment

  • Group and Individual Members Wear Many Hats

  • Various Tools and Facilitation Techniques that Solicit Participant Interaction

  • The Facilitation Process

  • Contracting Your Role

  • Workshop Planning and Preparation