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People to Projects Malaysia, with its strategic partner Bridigt Africa, has released the latest version of its world renowned “Under Surveillance” Earned Value Management (EVM) Simulation Board Game Workshop.

One fun filled day is all it takes!

EVM is like learning to play Monopoly with our inventive simulation game.

Similar to Monopoly, you will never forget the rules and the value of a get-out-of-jail free card. 


“As the author of the EVM Gameboard and EVM Integrated Dashboards, I cannot understand how projects are not monitored and controlled utilizing EVM principles. If you are not measuring EVM on your project, you are flying blind, and your project progress and forecast reporting is subjective, period.“


Kevin in’t Veld – CEO P2P Malaysia Sdn Bhd, CEO Bridgit Africa (Pty) Ltd and CEO of Fundisani (Pty) Ltd.

From its inception in the 1960’s, EVM has been plagued with confusion generated by acronyms. EVM ‘experts’ try to prove how knowledgeable they are by confusing executives and business managers with a barrage of acronyms and formula.


The major barrier to the acceptance of EVM is the general lack of understanding and the “OH CRAP” alphabet soup that has been making EVM a scary place for even seasoned project managers. Advocating the “Cone of Learning”, the game has been developed by a few capable project managers.

Earned Value Management History:

  • 1960’s - Financial Analysis in the US Government.

  • 1967 - Set of 35 Criteria Established (Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria (C/SCSC)).

  • 1979 - EVM introduced architecture and engineering industry in a "Public Works Magazine".

  •  1980s and early 1990s - EVM emerged as a project management methodology.

  • 1989 - EVM leadership was elevated to the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, thus making EVM an element of program management and procurement.

  • 1995 to 1998 - Ownership of EVM criteria (reduced to 32) was transferred to industries by adoption of ANSI EIA 748-A standard.

  • 1987 - An overview of EVM was included in the Project Management Institute's first PMBOK Guide has been expanded in subsequent editions.

  • 1990’s - The construction industry was an early commercial adopter of EVM.

  • 2002 - EVM also received greater attention by publicly traded companies in response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

  • 2006 - In Australia EVM has been codified as standards AS 4817-2003 and AS 4817-2006.

  • 2008 – APM EVM Guidelines.



Underpinned by the Cone of Learning, Bridgit Africa has taken EVM to a place of simplicity and application.