Legitimate Leadership: Application in Project Environments

Legitimate Leadership: Application in Project Environments

Program Duration: 2 Days
Cost: R7,500.00 (Excluding VAT)
Program Material: Program Manual
PMI® Professional Development Units (PDU's): 16
​Course Overview:

The PMI® Talent Triangle now includes Leadership as a core component alongside Technical and Strategic Competency. If you are a certified project professional you are required to demonstrate ongoing development focusing on all three of these components. Furthermore, leadership capability is increasingly being recognized as a critical success factor in successful project delivery. We now offer a program dedicated to building your leadership competency. The program will also provide you with 16 PDU's to contribute toward your ongoing professional development.

The Legitimate Leadership Model provides a unique framework for cultivating trust, loyalty and willingness amongst people in any enterprise, based on legitimate leadership. It is based on a premise that the key problem facing leaders at work is to establish a sense of legitimacy for their leadership. Moreover, that there are universal criteria for legitimate power.

The two day workshop provides those in project leadership positions with an understanding of the Legitimate Leadership framework and an opportunity to assess the degree to which they are currently aligned to the Care and Growth criteria. It also deals with the practical application of the framework in the context of project implementation, and the integration of the principles into day-to-day leadership practices.

Delivered in collaboration with Legitimate Leadership, a transformational consultancy that helps leaders at every level to transform their organizations so that they are characterized by trust, legitimacy, contribution and accountability.

“Legitimate leadership supplies managers with easily-applicable tools to do their jobs consistently well every time” - Leonie van Tonder, former CEO, FNB Shared Services.

​Course Content:

The Issue of Power:

  • The issue of power in the project workplace and the difference between power and control.


  • The core criterion for excellence in leadership – intent and the intent test

Key principles which underpin the legitimate leadership model:

  • Principal One – Power by Permission

  • Principle Two – The Price of Power

  • Principle Three – Growth and the incremental suspension of control

  • Principle Four – Maturity means being here to give, acting with generosity and courage

Leadership Values:

  • The difference between value and need driven behavior and how values effect a leader’s ability to lead others

Growth by growing others:

  • Understanding the process of a leader’s personal maturation and its impact on project excellence

Aligning leadership to the care and growth criteria:

  • Determining, from global experience, what is required to align the leadership of a project community to the Care and Growth criteria

The Introduction to the Legitimate Leadership Model training course will take place on the following dates: 

1 – 2 February 2017 (Wednesday - Thursday)

22 – 23 March 2017 (Wednesday - Thursday)

30 – 31 May 2017 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

17 – 18 July 2017 (Monday - Tuesday)

1 – 2 August 2017 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

15 – 16 November 2017 (Wednesday - Thursday)