Document Control

and Information Management

Document Control and Information Management

Course Duration: 3 Days
Cost: R8,500.00 (Excluding VAT)
Program Material: Program Manual
PMI Code: PM97
Course Overview:
Few project teams are subject to higher levels of risk and uncertainty than those involved in engineering and construction. If risks are not adequately contained, both margins and reputations may be jeopardized.

Good records management is found on every well-run project. Organizations that lack skills or tools in this area expose themselves to increased risk of claims, disputes and litigation, as well as to the time and budget over-run that follows.

Document controllers are relied upon by project teams to manage the sharing, accessing, filing, storing, coordinating and retrieving of project information. Inefficiencies in these processes are not only costly in terms of time lost, but also leave organizations exposed to risks of errors.
Developed and run by industry professionals, Certificate in Document Control is the first professional development course to offer specialized training in document control in a construction or engineering project environment. While other courses offer general records management training, this course is specific to managing projects in the construction industry, as well as the job functions and environment of a document controller. 
In addition, participants will learn how to apply their knowledge using the advanced features of the Aconex platform, the industry standard for collaborative Project Information Management.
Target Group:
Course Objectives:
Those involved in a document control function within an organization.
  • Improved document control effectiveness through the implementation of best practice records management

  • Financial savings through greater productivity

  • Improved service quality, project success rates and better decision making

  • Reduced project risk through implementation of risk management principles

  • Better quality audit trails

  • Less delays, disputes and reworks

  • Reduced financial, legal and reputational risk

Course Content:
  • ​Introduces ISO15489 and its relevance to document controllers.
  • ​Explores the project environment in detail including project types, stakeholders and record types to help establish context for the document controller.
  • ​Explores the ISO guidelines on records capture and how it’s applied in the project context. Unit covers principles, methodologies and tools applicable to records capture.
  • ​Explores the ISO guidelines on the registration of records and how these are applied to the project context. Unit covers principles, methodologies and tools applicable to registration.
  • ​Explores the ISO guidelines on classification and how it is applied in the project context. Unit covers development process of classification systems and construction industry specific systems.
  • ​Explores the ISO guidelines for records tracking and how they are applied in the project context. Unit covers types of tracking and importance in a records system.
  • Explores the ISO guidelines associated with disposition of records and how these are applied in the project context. Unit covers the types of disposition and recommended actions, considerations and tools required to support disposition. 
  • ​Explores industry standard framework for risk management. Unit covers the key principles and processes for managing risks and how these apply to the management of project records.
  • Outlines the levels of collaboration frameworks in a project environment.
  • Explores how project records can be effectively managed using collaboration technology such as Aconex.
  • ​Describes and applies the 3 recommended methodologies for managing shop drawings in accordance with Aconex levels of collaboration framework.
  • ​Provides a general overview into the construction industry including lifecycle, types of construction and delivery methods to help establish context for document controllers.

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